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Welcome to the Engineering Synergy blog.

We welcome considered contributions of 1,000 words or less in the spirit of learning together about how to engineer desired outcomes.

Particularly we welcome practical examples of good and bad experiences.

Please feel free to make comments and ask questions about anything on this web site – but make them in a positive and creative way so we can all learn together.

Remember ‘WE’ is more powerful than ‘ME’.

So get writing by first going to our contact page and sending us a message. Please ask to register yourself on our site in one of two ways.

First as a contributer so you can write and manage your own posts but you cannot publish them – you will understand that we need to be able to review them for suitability and avoid spammers.

Second you can register as a subscriber to show your interest and manage  your own profile. You can become a contributer later should you wish.

David Blockley & Patrick Godfrey

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