This page sets out the purpose and overview of the content of this site.

Navigating the site is straightforward using the menus or you can get an overview of all of the pages by going to All Pages.

If you are interested in engineering – whether qualified technically or not – then this site will hopefully be of interest to you. For those who need help with some of the more abstruse technical words go to a page called Glossary.

Our purpose is as set out on the Home Page – to help us all improve how we learn together – to join-up our thinking to get the outcomes we each desire.

To contact us go to the Contact page.

The Engineering set of pages describe aspects of engineering not in the traditional domains of Aerospace, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical but rather through the human needs and desires that are addressed by engineering.

The Synergy pages are intended to encourage ‘joined-up’ thinking. There are particular pages for you if you are interested in history or philosophy

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