May 2018

On 1st May David Blockley gave a lecture at Dulwich Picture Gallery in the Contextual Lecture Series -Tomorrow’s World – Intimations of the Future with the title Turning Dreams into Reality – Engineering the future

The lecture can be heard by clicking here

and the Powerpoint slides downloaded by clicking on BlockleyDulwich1stMay2018v1.0

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August 2017

Our first blog contributed by Neil Carhart on Infrastructure & Systems Thinking.

July 2017
Patrick Godfrey gave a talk in Adelaide Australia entitled Systems thinking inspiring success final at the INCOSE International Symposium ‘Unlocking innovation through systems engineering’

A seminar ‘From Silos to systems’ was held in Sydney, Australia.

The five  presentations can be downloaded below:

1 SilosTo Systems_Facilitator slide pack

2 Anne ONeil_Why Infrastructure needs a systems approach

3 Patrick Godfrey_Why a systems approach requires learning at all levels (1)

4 Jim Bentley_Systems Capacity Building Infrastructure Summit _July 2017.compressed

5 Cynthia Mitchell_Systems Capacity Building Infrastructure Summit_July 2017.compressed